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Accuton BD25-6-034 Diamond Dome Tweeter

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The Accuton BD25-6-034 is a 25mm tweeter with a CVD diamond dome in a 82 mm square chassis.

CVD is an acronym for Chemical Vapour Deposition, a very complex process whereby a diamond is synthesized by deposition from a mixed gas (usually hydrogen and methane) onto a substrate at a temperature of around 800°C.

As the diamond dome is incredibly hard, the breakup frequency is at an astonishing 50 kHz and is way outside the audible spectrum, therefore no damping of the dome is required.

CVD diamond is the hardest known material and offers unsurpassed rigidity as a domed diaphragm. The electrical energy to transient sound conversion is the most accurate offering a new level transparency and resolution.

The BD25-6-034 features an FEA optimized underhung motor comprising a powerful Neodymium magnet and a vented aluminium voice coil former guaranteeing minimal energy wastage and excellent heat transfer. The soft fabric surround and high viscosity ferrofluid center the moving parts with excellent linearity.

This tweeter has an incredibly wide frequency range of  2.5kHz - 50kHz.

We recommend a crossover frequency above 2.5kHz / third order 18dB.

This exquisite tweeter is hand built to order - please contact us for a lead time.

Key Features:

  • Ultra hard 25mm CVD Synthetic Diamond dome
  • 82mm square faceplate with protective grille
  • Vented pole piece and voice coil former
  • Dome resonance above audibility@ 50kHz
  • Underhung motor, ferrofluid in VC gap
  • Neodymium magnet system

Basic Parameters:

    Resonant frequency (fs) 1189 Hz DC resistance (Re) 6.3 Ω
    Effective dome diameter 25mm Power handling 120W
    Ferrofluid ? Y/N Yes Faceplate diameter/square 82mm
    Recommended crossover 2.5kHz< Overall depth 57mm
    Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 91dB Cutout diameter/square 64mm

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    Built to order - please contact us for a lead time.