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All systems operational. Multiple currency checkout available soon !


We are now official dealers for all Scanspeak products.

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This long established manufacturer has been a key player within the development of loudspeaker drive units for many years; some of their production models (Classic range) were launched over 3 decades ago and are still considered benchmark products, which is testimony to the excellence of Scanspeak design and engineering.

Scanspeak drive units are a superb choice for DIY designers, there is a very wide range available to suit very budget and design criterior:

Tweeters here          Midrange here          Bass/Midrange here          Woofers here          Sub bass here

Scanspeak drive units have been used in many historic models by various high end manufacturers including : Linn, Spendor, Wilson Benesch, ProAc, Sonus Faber, Rega, Naim and many others.

Linn Kan MK1 Tweeter

Linn Isobarik Tweeter

Linn Sara Tweeter

Proac Tweeter

Spendor S100 Tweeter

Spendor SP1/2 Dome Midrange

Coming soon: Peerless OEM featuring the classic SKO series and others + Audax vintage drive units. Vifa.