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New old stock drive units from Audax.

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Audax were true innovators and released many cutting edge technologies never seen before such as the HDA (High Definition Aerogel) cone - a unique product based on acrylic polymer gel containing carbon and kevlar fibres in perfect molecular alignment. HDA was the product of extensive research for the perfect cone material that is both lightweight, rigid and displays high internal damping. Another breakthrough technology was the brilliant but sadly short lived 'gold eye' HD-3P: the  Audax HD-3P  tweeter was a piece of exotic, visionary engineering from the 1990s. Fundamentally a piezo tweeter, it featured a gold spattered elliptical diaphragm formed onto a nitrogen filled balloon. Technically and sonically brilliant but fatally flawed due to gas loss and barometric pressure changes; many are now defunct with low / no output or exhibit the 'crinkle of doom'. We supply a replacement kit for the HD-3P here:  Audax HD-3P replacement kit.

These are selling fast - when they're gone, they're gone.

Audax drive units database:  Audax Archive