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Audax HD-3P replacement kit - Scanspeak D2905/950000 + Crossovers x2

Audax HD-3P replacement kit.

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The Audax HD-3P tweeter was a piece of exotic, visionary engineering from the 1990s. Fundamentally a piezo tweeter, it featured a gold spattered elliptical diaphragm formed onto a nitrogen filled balloon. Technically / sonically brilliant but fatally flawed due to gas loss and barometric pressure changes; many are now defunct with low or no output. Full details of this tweeter can be found by clicking the link below:

HD-3P datasheet

We offer a replacement kit for the HD-3P featuring a matched pair of the excellent Scanspeak D2905/950000  tweeters and custom built crossovers - each crossover is aligned and built to the specific application. You will need to remove the HD-3P crossover / transformer and slightly enlarge the tweeter rebate.

Supplied as pairs only - we hand build the crossovers to order, please allow a lead time of 7 working days.

Free shipping to the UK Mainland.

Audax HD3P

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