Tina Turner 1939-2023


5-6 inch Bass / Midrange Speakers

Selection of 5 to 6 inch bass speakers from various manufacturers.

We supply a large range covering just about every loudspeaker application and price point. Here you will find a few noteable drivers from the comprehensive Monacor speaker catalogue: the popular SPH-135AD Kef B110 alternative, the SPH-135KEP Linn Isobarik upgrade, the SPH-135C for Castle, Mission, Rogers, the SPH-5M, a great replacement for the TDL Studio 0.5. All drive units from Morel & Scanspeak are available including the Morel Elite Coppersleeve ECW 536 & the legendary Scanspeak Revelator / Illuminator series.

New additions: SB Acoustics entire range of 5" drivers including the high-end Satori models.

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