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Fountek Drive Units - All

We supply every current Fountek product to the UK and beyond:

ribbon tweeters, full range units, midrange units, midwoofers and subwoofers.

Manufacturer overview:

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The Fountek Electronic Company was established in 2003 and although in the loudspeaker world they are a relatively new company, they have established a reputation for top level R&D + manufacturing excellence. Their ribbon tweeters such as the NeoCD3.0 are well known in the audiophile world and can be found in various high-end oem designs.

Fountek specialise mainly in metal drive units, all but one of their range exclusively feature aluminium / alloy diaphragms and their expertise with the subject matter can be seen in the many good performing drive units they produce; a couple of examples being the full range FR135EX and the FW146 midwoofer, both excellent sounding, good value drive units.

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