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9-13 inch Bass / Subwoofers

Selection of 9-13 inch bass units from various manufacturers.

Our range includes the high end ceramic sandwich cone Accuton S280-6-282 (available in 6, 18 ohm & Neodymium variants) + the matching P280 passive bass radiator; the of entire catalogue of Morel 9-12" bass speakers including the Ultimate Woofers: UW 958, UW 1058, UW 1258 - massively robust build & huge power handling. Also available is the entire range of larger bass  drivers / subwoofers from the Scanspeak Discovery & Revelator series including the newly released 32W/8878T01, a 12.5"  8 ohm audiophile subwoofer - the most powerful Scanspeak have ever built.

We are authorised dealers for all brands highlighted above  - full technical support available

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All prices include VAT.