All systems go !

All systems go !


Hiquphon Tweeters

We are the authorised UK distributor for Hiquphon and are very proud to work with Oskar Wrønding and bring Hiquphon directly to the DIY loudspeaker market in the UK.

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A brief history of Hiquphon Tweeters.

The early days:

Hiquphon founder Oskar started his professional audio career in 1973 when he joined popular manufacturer Scanspeak taking up the role of production quality engineer. Scanspeak was a very busy company at the time as the early hifi boom years of the 1970's were well underway and demand for class leading drive units and new technology was high. Oskar became involved with production planning / quality control between 1973-76 and his relentless pursuit of absolute excellence culminated in him taking the lead role 'head of product design' and technical manager in 1977. As technical manager Oskar became the backbone of Scanspeak, successfully steering the company through the tough post-boom years whilst being heavily involved with developing drive unit innovations & technologies, many of which that we take for granted to this day.

Parting of the ways:

The hifi industry is not immune to economic downturns and the early 1980's were extremely challenging times for many manufacturers. The then owners of Scanspeak were looking to save money by using products and services from the far east which at the time would inevitably compromise quality and affect jobs in Denmark. During these turbulent, restrictive times Oskar decided to launch his own company where he had total control over every aspect of design and production thus ensuring his products were of the highest caliber.

Hiquphon was founded / owned solely by Oskar in 1983 & continues to be so to this day.

Hiquphon Tweeters:

Excellent sound is borne out of excellent design & engineering.

Oskars soft dome tweeters soon gained the enviable reputation of being the finest 20mm soft domes and were selected by Linn Products - a co-operation that lasted over 25 years and covers the majority of the classic Linn loudspeaker models.

Hiquphon exclusively produced 2 models for Linn: D20-LP-1 (1983 → ) & D20-LP-2 (1988 →).

Hiquphon tweeters are designed and analysed down to the very last minute detail with no expense spared or compromise accepted; the end result of which is a range of sweet sounding tweeters with exceptional musicality and incredibly low distortion. Each pair is thoroughly tested and pushed well beyond their response range in order to highlight any potential issues, then matched to within an incredible 0.5 dB and signed off personally by Oskar.

Oskars tweeters feature many unique innovations including heavy duty solder bucket connections; to get the best from these we have prepared a photo guide, click on the following text: Hiquphon connection photoguide.

The OW1-92 / OWII-92 can be used to directly replace the stalwart Scanspeak D2008-8511/12 and represent a significant upgrade for owners of Naim, ProAc, Rega & Spendor loudspeakers using these models.


Linn / Scanspeak D2008 Upgrade chart:

KAN MK1    to serial no. 24077: Scanspeak D2008/8511 >>  upgrade to Hiquphon OWI-92
SARA          to serial no. 14730:  Scanspeak D2008/8511 >>  upgrade to Hiquphon OWI-92
ISOBARIK  to serial no. 10924:  Scanspeak D2008/8511 >>  upgrade to Hiquphon OWI-92


The Hiquphon OWI-92directly replaces and upgrades Linn D20-LP-1 & works well in the following models:


 ** NEXUS used different tweeters across the production run - please contact us.

The Hiquphon OWII-92directly replaces and upgrades LinnD20-LP-2 (the close matching of OWl-92 and OWll-92 also renders these an upgrade).


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