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A brief history of Accuton drive units:

In 1984 whist working at audiophile component manufacturer Backes & Müller, Bernhard Thiel perfected a process to manufacture microscopic sheets of the extremely hard mineral corundum, an aluminium oxide (α-Al2O3), this is of course more commonly known as the gemstone Sapphire. This patented procedure enabled the manufacture of extremely rigid, light weight and highly damped transducer diaphragms resulting in loudspeaker drivers with a broader bandwith, lower distortion and a purer sound than previously possible.

Ceramic drivers set new standard:

At first, these novel ceramic drivers were produced exclusively for new Backes & Müller products, but after a few years Bernhard Thiel decided to found his own company. Bernhard's sonically pure loudspeaker units (initially only tweeters and midranges) - were rapidly accepted to high acclaim within the audiophile industry. Since those early days, Accuton has experienced continuous growth, expansion and is a major innovator within loudspeaker design.

Diamond domes - the pinnacle of high - end:

Accuton have also developed a range of extreme high end tweeters featuring CVD diamond domes for commercial customers:

CVD is an acronym for Chemical Vapour Deposition, a very complex process whereby a diamond is synthesized by deposition from a mixed gas (usually hydrogen and methane) onto a substrate at a temperature of around 800°C. As the diamond dome is incredibly hard, the breakup frequency is at an astonishing 40+ kHz and is way outside the audible spectrum, therefore no damping is required. CVD diamond is the hardest known material and offers unsurpassed rigidity as a domed diaphragm. The electrical energy to transient sound conversion is the most accurate offering a new level transparency and resolution.

Accuton drive units from Willys Hifi Ltd:

We are an authorised Accuton dealer and supply the full range of currently available drive units:

  • Ceramic Tweeters, Midrange and Bass
  • Diamond**  Tweeters and Midrange
  • Sandwich Bass Midrange and Passives
  • Aluminium Passive Radiators

    Many of these exquisite drive units are hand built to order - please contact us for more details.

    Here are some interesting Accuton datasheets for download:

    Mounting Cell Drivers:     .pdf icon          Diamond Booklet:    .pdf icon

    Accuton Measurement:   .pdf icon          High End Audio:        .pdf icon

    ** Diamond domes: BD20-6-031,  BD25-6-034,  BD30-6-036,  BD50-6-039  are available for commercial customers, please  contact us .