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UK stockist / dealer for SB Acoustics Tweeters, Midrange, Full range, Midwoofers, Woofers and Sub bass loudspeaker drive units.

Though a relative newcomer to the loudspeaker drive unit market, SB Acoustics has rapidly and deservedly become a very highly respected brand amongst DIY designers and established manufacturers alike. From their entry level models through to the flagship Satori range there's something for every budget and design. Many of their drive units feature cutting edge materials and innovations; one such example is the Textreme® range with their biaxially oriented thin ply carbon fibre cones and domes.

SB Acoustics ability to produce excellent drive units at highly competitive price points is a direct result of the unique 2 part company structure:

1) Research and design:

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Based in the heart of Denmark, Danesian Audio was founded by of a team of dedicated Danish engineers including the highly respected ex. Scanspeak / Vifa design veterans Ulrik Schmidt and Frank Neilsen, who have been working closely together since 1997 to push the boundaries of sound reproduction. SB Acoustics drive units are conceived by the team responsible for many historic and industry leading designs including the flagship Scanspeak Illuminator models.

2) Manufacturing:

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SB Acoustics drive units are produced in a state of the art precision manufacturing facility in Indonesia. With more than 38 years of history in loudspeaker manufacturing and innovation, SB Electric continues to expand in both quality, capacity, as well as services. With in-house Research & Development through the latest technologies as well as extensive experience in quality control.

The cooperation of these 2 companies enables SB Acoustics to represent a new era in high quality innovative loudspeaker drive units at truly affordable prices.

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