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0.75 - 2" (19-50mm) Dome Tweeters

Selection of dome tweeters from various manufacturers.

Here you will find both hard and soft dome tweeters in the diaphragm size range of 19 - 50mm. This selection includes the esoteric Accuton pure sapphire ultra hard dome tweeters; the legendary Coles 4001 supertweeter (both derivatives: 4001G 16ohms & 4001K 8 ohms); a selection of Monacor replacement tweeters including the DT99-a great Audax HD100 / Peerless DT-100 replacement; the complete catalogue of Morel tweeters including the CAT298 - MDT29 replacement and the ET338 - MDT33S replacement; Hiquphon OW1-92 & OW2-92 Linn upgrade tweeters; the complete range of tweeters from SB Acoustics including the Satori range; the complete Scanspeak tweeter range including the Beryllium D3004/604000 and all Automotive, Classic, Discovery, Illuminator and Revelator tweeters.

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Audax TM025-F23
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