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Audio Inductors - Air Core

Audio inductors, air core.

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We supply an extensive range of audiophile quality air core loudspeaker crossover inductors made by Intertechnik / Audyn. These high end components are manufactured in Germany to tight tolerances of 1%, 2% or 3% using high purity OFC wire. Within this range you will find single core OFC wire up to 3mm, Litz wire, copper foil and silver plated OFC wire.

General info:

Here are some downloadable files containing helpful information such as: how to choose the correct inductors for loudspeaker crossovers, general inductor characteristics, testing criteria and an overview of range information:

Coils for passive filters     Inductor basics     Inductor testing

Due to the huge selection of values and types, Intertechnik inductors are wound to order - please allow approximately 2 weeks for dispatch.

Click on the individual ranges for full details of available values and specifications.