All systems go ! Fountek NeoPro5i and NeoPro10i ribbon tweeters in UK stock.

All systems go ! Fountek NeoPro5i and NeoPro10i ribbon tweeters in UK stock.


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Morel Tweeters, Midrange, Midwoofers, Woofers and Sub bass drive units.

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Meir Mordechai founded Morel in 1975, inspired by his love of music and motivated by a dream to create the perfect loudspeaker. His life-long quest has resulted in successive generations of audio drive units that consistently set new standards for superb sound quality.

The Morel brand (derived from Mordechai Electro-Acoustics) has become an annual recipient of “Best of” awards for sound reproduction and is a long term favourite with mainstream OEM designers.

Over the years, Morel has developed an enviable reputation for technological innovation and design excellence. With the 1980s introduction of Hexatech wire (hexagonal section, low airgap as first found in the classic MDT33 tweeter), Morel effectively raised the bar to another level. Made from 100% aluminium wire shaped like a honeycomb, the Hexatech™ voice coil reduces air gaps in the coil windings, thereby increasing efficiency by up to 20%. Being lightweight, Hexatech™ voice coils are largely responsible for the extraordinary, fast-transient response Morel drive units are known for.

In-house design, R&D and manufacturing under one roof enable Morel to deliver unprecedented quality at competitive prices. Unlimited by design constraints and boosted by years of experience in manufacturing its own drive units, Morel’s range of products are hand assembled and combine enviable sonic performance with design excellence. Every Morel product carries the Morel stamp of quality: a distinctive blend of technological innovation and superb sound.

Further info on Morel proprietary drive unit technologies can be found here:  Morel Technology

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