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Morel Loudspeaker Technologies

Morel proprietary technology information.

Morel from Willys-Hifi Ltd

Morel has been at the forefront of drive unit development for more than three decades. This page is a descriptive list of the various technologies and their application as found across the Morel range of loudspeaker drive units.

Hexatech™ Aluminium Voice Coil:

Made from 100% aluminium wire shaped like a honeycomb, the Hexatech™ voice coil reduces air gaps in the coil windings, thereby increasing efficiency by up to 20%. Being lightweight, Hexatech™ voice coils are largely responsible for the extraordinary, fast-transient response Morel drive units are known for. The majority of Morel drive units feature Hexatech wire.

Uniflow™ Chassis:

The Uniflow™ chassis uses an open design that is aerodynamically efficient, allowing air and sound waves to flow uniformly and smoothly. Its geometric shape also eliminates interference with the woofer’s moving components, enabling the use of a low-profile spider for greater support and stability - this alloy chassis is found in the majority of woofers / midranges with a couple of exceptions that use a steel uniflow chassis.

PFS™ – (Progressive Field Symmetry) engineering:

A  Morel Subwoofer technology that produces longer linear excursion and optimized performance at high power output, enabling the spider and surround to reach optimal performance especially at high output levels. Under extreme conditions, the spider and surround progressively act as “shock absorbers” to prevent voice coil displacement and bottoming, and improve voice coil linearity.

IDR (improved Dispersion Recess):

The IDR™ tweeter faceplate design enables a wider off-axis dispersion of high frequencies, resulting in an overall smoother performance.

Hybrid Magnet:

The Hybrid motor drive system uses a ferrite magnet together with a very powerful neodymium magnet. Combined they create a compact, lightweight motor system that is up to four times more powerful than conventional designs of the same size. With Hybrid, more amplified power is converted into sonic energy for flawless performance, even in a small driver. Found in various drive units.

General info:

Copper Sleeve:

Also called a Faraday shorting ring. There are several clear benefits:
1.  Reduces impedance rise and increases sensitivity.
2.  Reduces voice coil inductance, which minimizes non-linearity during operation.
3.  Improves overall speaker performance across the frequency band.

Under-Hung Voice Coil:

An under-hung voice coil features a voice coil winding height shorter than the magnetic gap. This means the voice coil is within the magnetic energy field at all times, leading to greater articulation and transient response.

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