Morel Tweeters

Morel Soft Dome Tweeters from Willys-Hifi Ltd.

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We supply the complete current range of Morel tweeters / treble drive units - all are hand assembled using high quality materials and component parts. Morel tweeters have featured in many mainstream oem designs across the years and to this day are a very well respected brand.

Here's a list of modern replacements for older Morel models:

MDT-29    > CAT 298

MDT-30    > CAT 308

MDT-32S  > CAT 328-104 / CAT 328-110

MDT-33S  > ET 338-104 / ET 338-110

MDT-37    > CAT 378

MDT-39    > CAT 408

MDT-44    > ET 448

Further info on Morel proprietary drive unit technologies can be found here:  Morel Technology

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