All systems go! UK Phone helpline number: (+44) 01702 523999

All systems go! UK Phone helpline number: (+44) 01702 523999


More Scanspeak Repair Parts

Genuine spare parts range extended.

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We now stock genuine Scanspeak spare parts for the following models:

Foam or rubber surrounds:

Scanspeak Classic 18W/8535

Scanspeak Classic 18W/8542

Scanspeak Classic 18W/8543

Scanspeak Classic 18W/8545

Scanspeak Classic 21W/8555

Scanspeak Classic 25W/8565

The above surrounds will also fit OEM and ABR versions.

Foam fronts for the following tweeters:

Scanspeak Classic D2010/8511

Scanspeak Classic D2010/8513

Scanspeak Illuminator D3004/662000

Scanspeak Illuminator R3004/662000

Tweeter dome assemblies:

Scanspeak Classic D2905/9300

Scanspeak Classic D2905/9500

Scanspeak Classic D2905/9700

Scanspeak Revelator D2905/990000

Scanspeak Illuminator D3004/660000

Scanspeak Illuminator D3004/662000

This is the largest off the shelf stock holding of genuine Scanspeak spare parts.

Need spares for another model ? get in touch, we'll get it sorted.

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