All systems go !

All systems go !


Scanspeak 15W/8534T00 Midwoofer - NEW PRODUCT

Scanspeak 15W/8534T00 - Classic Range.

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At last - a 15cm Classic Range drive unit !

The new 15W/8534T00 fills a long lasting gap in the Scanspeak Classic Range. This Midwoofer is based on the design principles of the highly revered 18W/8545 continuing the tradition with a slimline aluminium chassis, symmetrical drive motor system, low loss linear rubber suspension and is updated with a brand new cone material called Phenomax. The Phenomax cone is comprised of 5 thin film layers including Kevlar and carbon fibre; each layer has different mechanical properties that combine to give the ideal balance of rigidity and internal damping.

This is going to be a very popular drive unit - taking orders now, available early March.

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Scanspeak 15W/8534T00

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