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Scanspeak Ellipticor Drive Units - groundbreaking design

Scanspeak Ellipticor Drive Units

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Scanspeak have released 2 new drive units - these state of the art units feature elliptical voice coils with copper clad pole pieces and airflow optimised magnet systems. The original concept was the brain child of the late great Birger Jorgensen, the project design being finalised and brought to production by respected designers Dennis Hansen and Simon Møller Nielsen.

The elliptical motor assemblies break traditional drive symmetry: the electro-magnetic driving force from the voice coil is not equidistant to the cone / dome surround therefore the usual breakup and high order bell modes do not propagate - mistermination and antiphase issues at the diaphragm / surround junction are also absent. Both drive units are very wide banded with no breakup modes that require any damping. Distortion figures are incredibly low whilst sensitivity is high. These drive units have discrete mountings - various colour trim rings are available.

The Ellipticor range are no compromise designs that set a new bar for high end drive units.

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Scanspeak D3404/552000 Ellipticor Tweeter

Scanspeak D3404/552000

Scanspeak 18WE/4542T00 Ellipticor Midwoofer

Scanspeak 18WE/4542T00

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