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Angel Hair

Mundorf TWARON® Angel Hair Loudspeaker Wadding

Mundorf TWARON® Angel Hair Loudspeaker Wadding.

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TWARON® is an Aramid synthetic fibre and is a close relative of Kevlar. The innovative Angel Hair fibres are precision cut into 60mm lengths, combed then carefully compressed into a wool-like mass. In contrast to other plastic fibres, TWARON® Angel Hair converts vibration into low level heat, which means that it absorbs sound energy in an entirely different and highly efficient way.

Angel hair is easy to work with and non-aging. It has a very high expansion ratio and will therefore always try to fill the available space - all that is required is 3-5 grams per litre of internal cabinet volume.

The acoustic characteristics of TWARON® Angel Hair reveals much more fine detail, especially in the midrange. This top notch product is an excellent upgrade over standard polyester / bonded acetate fibre wadding.

Produced by Thüringische Institut für Textil- und Kunststoff-Forschung (TITK), exclusively for MUNDORF, Germany.

Supplied as 100g bags.