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Audyn CAP Q4 MKP Polypropylene Capacitors 400V 5%

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The Audyn CAP Q4 range are high grade metallised polypropylene hifi capacitors designed specifically for loudspeaker crossover networks. They Feature tightly wound non-microphonic foils hermetically sealed in epoxy resin; they are extra low loss and resistant to ageing. Can be used in domestic or professional speaker systems.

This is a really good range of capacitors offering an excellent price to performance ratio. They have an open, neutral sound with very good inner detail and no sibilance; ideal for replacing old electrolytics or building / upgrading crossover networks.

Large range in UK stock including many non standard and bypass values. For size details please see the datasheet below.

As with all products from Audyn (Germany) the build quality and sound are top notch.


Datasheet .pdf

Available values:

0.01uf, 0.1uf, 0.15uf, 0.22uf, 0.33uf, 0.47uf, 0.56uf, 0.68uf, 0.82uf, 1uf, 1.5uf, 1.8uf, 2uf, 2.2uf, 2.5uf, 2.7uf, 3uf, 3.3uf, 3.9uf, 4.3uf, 4.7uf, 5uf, 5.2uf, 5.6uf, 6.2uf, 6.8uf, 7.5uf, 8.2uf, 10uf, 12uf, 13uf, 15uf, 17uf, 18uf, 20uf, 22uf, 25uf, 27uf, 30uf, 33uf, 36uf, 40uf, 47uf, 50uf, 52uf, 60uf, 68uf, 75uf, 82uf, 90uf, 100uf.