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Audyn Baked Crossover Inductors, Air Core, 0.9mm OFC Wire

Baked crossover inductors, air core, 0.9mm wire.

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Wide range of values from 0.1mh - 1.8mH, wound with high purity 99.99% OFC type V wire, 3% tolerance.

High power, low distortion air core audio inductors for loudspeaker crossover network use. The thermally bonded wire eliminates any form of vibration induced microphony making these coils suitable for the most demanding applications. Bobbin material: polycarbonate. Dimensional stability: 85°C. Inductance values tested at 1KHz / 25°C.

Made in Germany by the long established and highly respected manufacturer Intertechnik / Audyn.

Due to the huge selection of values and types, Intertechnik inductors are wound to order - please allow approximately 2 weeks for dispatch.

Available values: 0.1mH, 0.12mH, 0.15mH, 0.18mH, 0.22mH, 0.27mH, 0.33mH, 0.39mH, 0.47mH, 0.56mH, 0.68mH, 0.82mH, 1mH, 1.2mH, 1.5mH, 1.8mH.

Full technical data is available in the downloadable file at the bottom of this page.

Bobbin size chart:

Values: 0.10 - 0.33mH Bobbin: 32mm x 26mm
Values: 0.39 - 0.68mH Bobbin: 44mm x 30mm
Values: 0.82 - 1.80mH Bobbin: 55mm x 30mm

Details of this range can be downloaded here:

 Download data sheet.