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Coles 4001K 8 Ohm Super Tweeter

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Excellent replacement for the Celestion HF2000 in supertweeter applications.

Used across the decades in countless top flight & diy designs.

These new old stock tweeters have been individually tested by the UK's leading independant specialist loudspeaker manufacturer ~ they are guaranteed to work perfectly to specification.

Here are the specs:

Frequency Range 1.2KHz - 35KHz
Useable Frequency Response 8KHz - 35KHz
5KHz - 25KHz
Free Air Resonance: 1.6KHz
Nominal Impedance: 7 OHM
D.C. Resistance: 6 OHM
Max. Continuous Sine Handling: 120W
System Programme Rating (Rec. Max): 120W
Diameter: 76mm
Mounting Hole: 61mm
Sensitivity: 85dB
Dome Material: Polyester

Also available: Coles 4001G 16 Ohms