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Audyn Crossover Inductors, Air Core, 2.0mm OFC Wire, 3% Tolerance

Crossover inductors, air core, 2.0mm.

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Wide range of values from 0.1mh - 10mH wound with high purity 2.0mm 99.99% OFC type V wire, 3% tolerance.

Very low distortion, high power air core audio inductors for loudspeaker crossover network use. Bobbin material: ABS. Dimensional stability: 85°C. Inductance values tested at 1KHz / 25°C. Connecting leads: 40mm.

Made in Germany by the long established and highly respected manufacturer Intertechnik / Audyn.

Due to the huge selection of values and types, Intertechnik inductors are wound to order - please allow approximately 2 weeks for dispatch.

Available values: 0.1mH, 0.12mH, 0.15mH, 0.18mH, 0.22mH, 0.27mH, 0.33mH, 0.39mH, 0.47mH, 0.56mH, 0.68mH, 0.82mH, 1mH, 1.2mH, 1.5mH, 1.8mH, 2.2mH, 2.7mH, 3mH, 3.3mH, 3.9mH, 4.7mH, 5.6mH, 6.8mH, 8.2mH, 10mH.

Full technical data is available in the downloadable file at the bottom of this page.

Bobbin size chart:

Values: 0.10 - 0.27mH Bobbin: 62mm x 41mm
Values: 0.33 - 1.50mH Bobbin: 92mm x 39mm
Values: 1.80 - 6.80mH Bobbin: 120mm x 55mm
Values: 8.20 - 10.0mH Bobbin: 120mm x 80mm

Details of this range can be downloaded here:

 Download data sheet.