All systems go ! Peerless NE25VTS-04 Tweeter back in stock click HERE for details.

All systems go ! Peerless NE25VTS-04 Tweeter back in stock click HERE for details.



Hiquphon OW1-92 Tweeter. Matched Pair.

Ultimate quality 20mm soft dome tweeter.


Excellent upgrade for Linn D20-LP-1 and Scanspeak D2008/8512 series.

This tweeter works very well in these passive Linn models:


Upgrades the Scanspeak D2008/8512 as found in models such as Rega Ela, Proac Tablette EBT, Studio EBS, Spendor SP2 and many others.

If you have any questions about compatibility please  contact us.

The OW1-92 is a 20mm (3/4") soft dome tweeter offering a superb flat frequency response with great analytic and revealing capabilities.

Beautifully neutral, relaxing and non-fatiguing sound.. this is a very musical dome tweeter. Displaying an extremely broad banded response, the OW1 has been used in a great number of high-end 2-way loudspeaker designs. The OW1 is also a perfect choice for 3-way (or more) custom built designs of the highest quality. Although primarily designed for top end domestic loudspeakers, the OW1 has gained the reputation of being a benchmark product for studio monitors and bespoke car audio.This beautiful, fastidiously produced unit displays a very neutral and low distortion response curve with superb frequency linearity - VERY flat from 2 – 20 kHz +/- 1 dB (+/- 0.5 dB typical) - an exceptional result.

Phase linearity is also excellent and the rolloff towards the upper design limit is very smooth. Multiple rear chambers yield a low and well damped resonant frequency of just 850 Hz. The frequency response climbs softly to 2 kHz then is linear to 20 kHz.Very broad-banded (1.0 kHz to 25 kHz nominal –3 dB or better).

Unique heavy duty 2.5mm solder bucket connectors - a soldering guide can be found here:  Hiquphon connection guide

Supplied as matched pairs to within an incredible 0.5 dB (individual graphs included), each pair is thoroughly tested before being signed off by Oskar Wrønding, the founder of Hiquphon.

Full set of datasheets can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

Sole Authorised UK distributor.

Key Features:

  • Flat response from 2-20 Khz
  • 3/4" Critically Coated Dome
  • Multiple Rear Chambers
  • Very Wide Dispersion
  • Superb Musicality
  • Supplied with screws, solder and gasket.

Basic parameters:

Resonant frequency (fs) 850 Hz Nominal impedance (Zn) 8 Ω
Effective diaphragm diameter 20mm DC resistance (Re) 5.8 Ω
Ferrofluid ? Y/N No RMS power handling 100 W
Recommended crossover min. 2kHz/18dB Faceplate diameter 92 mm
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 87 dB Cutout hole diameter 70 mm
Downloadable datasheet set:

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Phone helpline: 01702 523999 or contact us

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Amazing upgrade for Linn Keltik.
Clarity and sound stage are massively improved over the linn 038 not to mention original tweeters. Do not hesitate and get one of these to see real difference. They are not pertruding through the dust covers if you're using these unlike any off the linn tweeters which is a bonus . Great stuff well worth the money massive thank you.

Thankyou for your review!
Will & Caroline


This is an excellent tweeter, the best replacement for your Linn Kans MK2 and Isobarik speakers. It worth paying the extra compared to the Scanspeaks as these are smoother and richer. Buy from Willy's Hifi with confidence you'll get the best customer support and service.

Thankyou for your review! Will & Caroline

Clearly an Upgrade for Linn Keilidhs

I am Running Linn Keilidhs, passive mode but vertically bi-amped with two Endstage amps ( basically mono blocks). I fried one of the original Linn 015/3 tweeter drivers. After reading very good reviews I decided to upgrade with the Hiquphon OW-1 and the Mundorf and Audyn capacitors. They arrived very well packed and fast from Willys to Germany. Thanks for this service. Before the cap swap, my speakers already opened up instantly. Left/ right comparison with the 015/3 showed more clarity (brighter), better soundstage and detail, really opening up the speaker. To my ears also a bit harsher, which rounded off nicely after swapping the Bennic caps with Willys capacitor kit. I expect this to become even smoother in time, by running in. Heard about 100 hours of settling time, which I also recall from high end headphones I’m enjoying. All together I am very content with this true upgrade and definitely recommend this upgrade and Willys for their service.

Thankyou for your review Ron !
Will & Caroline

Daniel Healand
An Upgrade in a Listening Detail

My order arrived and safely into the Hermit Kingdom of Western Australian due Corvid. I fitted my new Hiquphon OW1-92 Tweeters with minimal effort, you need a reasonable soldering iron and follow the on line guide.
These Hiquphon Tweeters are just magic, the depth of clarity is superb, my favourite music has just opened up, a top upgrade to my Linn Sara speakers.
Thank you at Willy Hi-Fi for your advise and excellent service and thank you Hiquphon, Norway for these fabulous tweeters.

Thankyou for your review !
Will & Caroline

Martin Wakely
Excellent upgrade

I've installed the OW1-92 in my Linn AV5140's. I've owned the Linns for over 20 years and recently started looking for replacements. OW1 has transformed the speakers - more detailed, sweet sounding. Well recommended. I no longer need to replace the AV5140's !

Thankyou for your review !
Will & Caroline