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Intertechnik 2 Way Crossover PCB 1500634 - Modular Range, Small

Modular 2 way crossover PCB, small.

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Cascadable 2 way crossover network PCB. The unique modular range of crossover boards are available in 3 size ranges and 4 network derivatives that can be intermixed allowing ultimate design flexibility that can be expanded to suit the desired crossover alignment / drive unit complement. An example schematic is shown below:

Modular PCB schematic diagram.

These heavy duty glass fibre circuit boards feature heavy copper plating that is precision CNC milled rather than etched. The copper side is tinned for easy soldering.Top quality crossover PCB from Intertechnik, Germany.

Supplied with 4 standoffs and 2 connection tails.

Technical details:

Board size: 108 x 100mm.

Board thickness: 2mm.