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Linn Keilidh Tweeter Upgrade

Linn Keilidh Tweeter Upgrade Kits.

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Significantly upgrades Linn tweeters type 015/1, 015/2, 015/3, 015/5 and 038/2  taking the performance of the popular Linn Keilidh to new levels of detail and transparency. Simple to fit - no cabinet modifications required; high quality screws, gasket and solder supplied with each kit.

Each pair of tweeters are matched to 0.5db and supplied with individual response graphs. Handmade exclusively for us by tweeter supremo Oskar Wrønding.

Supplied with screws, solder and gasket.

We offer 3 versions of this kit:

  • Passive
  • Passive + capacitors upgrade
  • Active

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Linn Keilidh Upgrade

Having managed to blow up the tweeters in my 30 year old Keilidhs I was forced to look at repair options. The upgrade to the OW 1-92 tweeter seemed the obvious solution. I few email exchanges with Willy confirmed the faulty tweeters and the upgrade kit was ordered. The upgrade of the capacitors and tweeters was straight forward and the improvement in sound over the original 015/1 tweeters is immense. Its like I have a new pair of speakers.

Thankyou for your review!
Will & Caroline

Champagne speakers for lemonade money!

Installing the tweeters and crossover caps was a piece of cake and was accomplished in just over an hour and a half. They replaced the original 15/1 tweeters in my Keilidhs and sounded pretty good out of the box. I’ve now been listening to them for 4 months and the sound has been transformed. Everything has improved and I look forward to each session more and more. Seriously considering purchasing the mid/bass driver upgrade. I think I’d need to spend thousands to find a new speaker to match the quality of the Keilidhs now.

Thankyou for your review !
Will & Caroline

Superb upgrade

I installed these in Jan 22 - writing this review in Dec. The upgrade was prompted by failure of one of the original Linn SPK015/1 tweeters. Eventually decided to spend the cash and upgrade. I also changed the crossovers to Audyn CAP Q4s bypassed with Mundorf MCap EVO Oil (tweeters) and Monacor MKP (woofers). Resistors were changed for Mundorf M-Resist 5W. All at a relatively modest £44ish. This was with the pragmatic advice of Willy who commented not to go crazy with esoteric caps. I'm driving them from a ND5XS2 + NAP250 with Alps based attenuator. I'm hugely pleased with the result - this has breathed new life into the speakers - really enjoying the musical presentation. Highly recommended.

Thankyou for your review Rob !
Will & Caroline

Timo Schwarz
Almost Transformational

I purchased the tweeter and crossover upgrade to bring more treble precision and cleanliness into my Keilidhs, which had the first generation tweeter 15/1 (with the metal grill) installed.
Installation was a bit difficult due to the original Linn solder being stubborn and my soldering skills being rusty. The first crossover upgrade took me three hours...the upgrade of the complete second speaker took me less then one.
Of course, blind AB-testing is impossible, but the upgrade to sound quality came out far better than I had hoped. It is as if the treble now reaches further up with more space and improved clearity, detail and whatnot.
The only negative change I have noticed is in line with Edwards review, in that the sound is more present and less laid back, especially for "S" sounds, where a slight sibilance is introduced in my system. (bi-amped via Marantz SR6011)

Summing up, I think this upgrade kit would even be a good deal for 400ish pounds. For less that 300 it's an excellent steal.

Many thanks for this great kit Will!

Thankyou for your review !
Will & Caroline

Edward Badger
Outstanding tweeters and capacators

After a few conversations with Will, who was so helpful, I purchased the OW1-92 for my Keilidhs. I had the 15/3, 3 bar tweeters installed.
I installed the capacitors first and heard a significant improvement in clarity and more importantly speed! I then changed one of the tweeters so that I could compare the two types of tweeters and the OW1-92 sounded more open and transparent. I then put both OW1-92s in and sat back..... Well, the sound was more accurate, open and brighter, I would compare it with going aktiv with Linn amps. Not sure if it's as relaxing but I prefer the sound as found the original keilidhs a bit boxed in.
Overall, I think tha capacitors are a fantastic cheap upgrade with the 15/3 tweeters, but the OW1-92 tweeters and capacitors really does liven the old keilidhs up.
If you have the original 15/1 mesh tweeters the OW1-92s would be a massive improvement, if you have the 15/3's then they are still a fabulous upgrade. I would definitely recommend this upgrade kit and think that over a number of hours the tweeters will burn in nicely and give many happy hours listing.
Thanks Will!!

Thankyou for your review !
Will & Caroline