All systems go ! Fountek NeoPro5i and NeoPro10i ribbon tweeters in UK stock.

All systems go ! Fountek NeoPro5i and NeoPro10i ribbon tweeters in UK stock.



SB Acoustics SB26STAC-C000-4 Tweeter

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The SB26STAC-C000-4 is a 26mm soft dome tweeter from SB Acoustics featuring a 100mm cast aluminium faceplate. The frequency response and dispersion of this tweeter is very good, nothing else really competes at this price.

Key Features:

  • Copper capped pole piece for reduced voice coil inductance and minimum phase
  • Non-reflective rear chamber with optimised damping for improved dynamics
  • Flow optimised vented pole piece for optimum coupling to rear chamber
  • Fine weave soft fabric dome for smooth frequency response
  • Saturation controlled motor system for low distortion
  • CCAW voice coil for low moving mass
  • Long life silver lead wires
  • Low resonant frequency

Basic parameters:

Resonant frequency (fs) 750 Hz Nominal impedance (Zn) 4 Ω
Effective diaphragm diameter 26mm DC resistance (Re) 3.2 Ω
Ferrofluid ? Y/N Yes
Max power handling 120 W
Recommended crossover 2.6kHz/12dB Faceplate diameter
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 91.5dB Cutout hole diameter 74mm

Here's the full datasheet:

.pdf link

Customer Reviews

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Great 100mm FP tweeter

After discussion with Will and some exhaustive testing , modelling for replacement of Peerless 811815's (DT100H ) in a 3.5 way, finally a tweeter that does the business . Having tried , tested and listened to a mixture of budget units from Monacor ,Vifa and SBA this one gets permanently fitted. It's flat .. really flat when measured and again top QA gives virtually no difference between the drivers received . Listening wise its not as soft as the Peerless ( they still measure flat ) but not as harsh as the Monacor . Positioned offset ( inboard ) on a 300mm wide baffle , crossed at 3K , nil diffraction and came in from 5K to 20 K with LR3 +/- 1dB after a 2ohm post XO attenuation to stop the rise from 10 k up. Off axis performance is brilliant for cone size. A little under 2dB down OA from manufacturers rated FR at 1m .THD measured at < 0.5% at 90dB . Recommended ? Yep .. a great budget buy and certainly a step up from the plastic 'version' SB26ST-C000-5 .. If you are in the market for a replacement 100mm face plate tweeter look no further . Gillette treatment of your ears at volume is not a trait for unit . Hi hats and crash cymbals are handled with aplomb. Partnered with Audyn Q4 caps ( consider 0.1uF bypass caps ). Mundorf Evos work well too if you want to spend the extra and have space .. Tried with a mixture of recordings from James Taylor to Marillion ,exceptional value for money . Top service from Will and team again from order to delivery in 24 hours .

Thankyou for your review Mark !
Will & Caroline