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Scanspeak 21WE/8542T00 Ellipticor Midwoofer

Scanspeak 21WE/8542T00 Ellipticor Midwoofer, 8" 8 Ohms.

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The Scanspeak 21WE/8542T00 features a unique elliptical motor system that provides a non symmetrical cone driving force and a powerful SD AirCirc magnet system. The 21WE/8542T00 has high sensitivity, very low distortion, and has an extremely fast response to transients for superb realism, clarity and imagery.

A matching tweeter is also available:  D3404/552000

Key Features:

  • Elliptical voice coil assembly
  • Very low mechanical losses
  • AirCirc optimised magnet system
  • High sensitivity 91dB
  • Unusually low distortion
  • Replaceable decor ring - various colours available
  • Treated paper cone / dustcap

Basic parameters:

Resonant frequency (fs) 36 Hz Nominal impedance (Zn) 8 Ω
Mechanical  Q factor (Qms) 6.33 DC resistance (Re) 6.3 Ω
Electrical Q factor (Qes) 0.40 RMS power handling 50 W
Total Q factor (Qts) 0.38 Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 91 dB
Equivalent volume (Vas) 54L Chassis diameter 222 mm

Here's the full datasheet:

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