New Scanspeak drive units now available

February 15, 2016

New Scanspeak drive units now available

Two excellent new products from Scanspeak:

The H2606/9200.00 is a high performance horn loaded dome tweeter offering an excellent high efficiency of 95.2dB ~ ideal for class A and other low output amplifiers. This tweeter is superb value at under £30.


The 18M/4631T00 Midrange driver is a welcome addition to the revered high end Revelator series; with a sliced / damped 18cm cone and ultra low loss suspension it offers a high sensitivity of 92 dB with a wide, controlled frequency range extending to almost 10 khz. A worthy contender for top end DIY designs.



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New website

February 16, 2018

Welcome to our new website!

After a long period of development we're finally there. We trialled this latest version live on christmas eve 2017 and it has been so well received - thanks for all the comments.


  • Multi currency conversion (GBP, EUR, USD, CAD, INR, AUD, JPY)
  • Real time order updates by SMS
  • Full Apple pay integration
  • Super easy navigation - logical flow
  • Pared down design - no unnecessary clicks
  • High security - fully encrypted
  • No 3rd party redirected checkout
  • Light footprint - minimal cookies

A set of extra features are in development and will be integrated later this year.

We hope to get back to blogging every week soon - things have got very busy.

Enjoy the new site - comments / constructive criticism always welcome !

Will & Caroline

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Product review : Morel TSCW 636 Woofer
Product review : Morel TSCW 636 Woofer

December 08, 2017

The perfect cone conundrum..

Morel logo

For decades loudspeaker designers and manufacturers have pursued the ultimate goal of the perfect cone composition. From paper / pulp to raw and loaded plastics such as bextrene, cobex and polypropylene, metal cones, glass fibre cones and sandwich cones - all looking for the elusive optimal mass vs. internal damping vs. linear output ratio. Of course perfection can never really be achieved as perceived sound quality is subjective and every aspect of a loudspeaker system is in some way a compromise.

There are some drive units that incorporate very innovative technologies and high-tech cone materials - one such unit is the Morel TSCW 636:

Morel TSCW 636

Morel drive unit coding:

TSCW = Titanium Supreme Coppersleeve Woofer.

So, this drive unit features a titanium voice coil former, is from the Supreme range and has a coppersleeved pole piece (essentially a Faraday ring).

636 = 6 inch chassis, 3 inch diameter voicecoil, 6 ohms impedance.

Morel use this coding system across their entire range of drive units.

TSCW 636 key features:

Many manufacturers now offer maximum airflow chassis - the Morel version is called the Uniflow™ chassis, it is diecast aluminium and gives maximum undisturbed airflow with minimal rear reflection; the heavily vented pole piece is sleeved with copper thus forming a Faraday ring to negate rising voice coil impedance therefore maintaining linearity; the motor system is superbly engineered featuring a Hybrid™ neodymium / ferrite mixed magnet assembly, a titanium voice coil bobbin and a large 3" voice coil wound with Hexatech™ aluminum wire - this winding technique removes the air gaps found when using round section wire and first featured on the legendary and still sought after MDT-33 from the early 1980s.

The TSCW 636 cone features a composite sandwich of woven carbon fibre outer layers bonded to a Rohacell® structural foam core - an ultra lightweight cutting edge technology more commonly found in the aerospace industry, notably the Airbus A380. This extremely rigid and light cone material offers excellent internal damping and a highly dynamic sound with great pace and control.

The frequency response is very broad with excellent bass weight and extends upwards to 7Khz with an almost pencil flat midband between 2-4 kHz. Power rating is 150w nominal and can withstand short term peaks of 1000 watts.

The first cone breakup peak occurs at around 6.5 Khz and is easily notched with an LCR network - if coupled to a 4th order LR alignment, a minimal phase 2 way system with a crossover point usefully away from the critical 2-4 Khz band is possible. Combine this drive unit with a high end tweeter such as the benchmark Hiquphon OW1 or Scanspeak D3004/660000 for an ultra high end home design.

An excellent exotic drive unit capable of top notch results.

Also available as a dedicated midrange unit: Morel TSCM 634 Midrange

For full details of this drive unit click the images.

 TSCW 636 side view

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More New Old Stock Spares Parts Available
More New Old Stock Spares Parts Available

November 17, 2017

Connectors for various historic loudspeakers.

We've been having a good sort out in the warehouse recently to make room for a large quantity of incoming products - truth be told, we've been putting this job off for a while as it's a major task, however every cloud has a silver lining: we've found various treasures tucked away and will be adding them to this website over the coming weeks.

Here's a few for starters:

Rogers / Spendor binding posts

 Binding posts for Rogers LS3/5a and Spendor BC1.

Linn banana socketsBanana sockets for Linn Kan.

Heybrook bus bars

 Bus bars for Heybrook.

Monitor Audio binding posts

 Binding posts for Monitor Audio

Click the images or titles above for more details.

There's a huge array of parts coming - some may not be featured on this blog as there are simply too many, I'll post links and articles if time allows.

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Willys-Hifi Ltd - the specialist UK loudspeaker parts company

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