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Important Security News: Website moved to HTTPS

We've migrated this website to full HTTPS security.

SSL logo

Many online stores use minimal website security with encryption just for the checkout area ; as you browse their product pages you will notice 'http' in the address bar - http is not a secure connection and can easily be exploited by eavesdroppers and hackers.

No worries with 'http' here though :0)

We take security very seriously and have implemented this change to give our shoppers complete peace of mind.

Take a moment to look at your browser address / search bar - next to it you will see a green padlock symbol and 'https' informing you that willys-hifi.com is a fully secure website with full data encryption of all areas keeping your browsing safe and private.

When on other websites, if you don't see the padlock, the site you are browsing is not secure.