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Accuton C51-6-286 Ceramic Midrange Now Available

Accuton C51-6-286 Ceramic Midrange Unit Now Available.

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The Accuton  C51-6-286is an esoteric, high end midrange drive unit with a wide, extremely low distortion bandwidth of between 800 Hz - 6Khz.

Featuring an ultra hard 51mm (2") ceramic sapphire dome (corundum α-Al2O3), this midrange unit is housed within a cylindrical 86mm Cell Concept body with a discrete clamping system for invisible and secure mounting. With text book frequency and distortion characteristics, this state of the art unit represents the highest of high end sound reproduction and is a superb addition to the Accuton range of high end transducers, bringing true top level performance to home constructors and professionals alike.

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 Accuton C51-6-286

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