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All systems go! UK Phone helpline number: (+44) 01702 523999


Mundorf MCap Evo Polypropylene Capacitors

Mundorf MCap Evo Polypropylene Capacitors.

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High grade  MKP crossover capacitors  from the worlds leading capacitor supplier.

3% tolerance 0.33uf - 47uf.

Featuring the proprietary Mundorf high precision EVOLUTION winding technology, these capacitors have an unusually narrow ultra high purity base foil that is metallised to the highest possible molecular thickness before being parallel wound in disc form - this process results in a very large active surface area with ultra low microphony; the cores are then potted into special non-resonant housings.

These hand spooled capacitors offer an extremely low ESR (equivalent series resistance). Asymmetric leads (larger values) allow for x or y mounting.

Highly dynamic sound with great transparency.

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All values available from  0.1uf - 47uf, 450V (smaller values rated at 650V).

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Mundorf MCap Evo

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