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Baked Air Core Litz Wire Inductors 1% Tolerance Now Available

Baked Air Core Litz Wire Inductors 1% Tolerance.

Litz Wire Inductors

These precison wound high - end inductors are available in a wide range of values of between 0.15mh - 15.0mH 1% tolerance and 3 wire gauges: 0.5mm x7, 0.6mm x7 and 0.8mm x7.

The thermally bonded Litz wire is configured as a concentric, hexagonally wound conductor consisting of 7 individually insulated high purity (99.99%) OFC strands. These air core inductors have low DCR resistance, high quality factor, very low skin effect, no saturation distortion, no hysteresis distortion, vibration / microphony immunity, very low self capacitance and a constant inductance characteristic regardless of current and load changes.

A perfect no compromise choice for the very highest fidelity loudspeakers.

Made in Germany by the long established and highly respected manufacturer Intertechnik / Audyn.

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