All systems go! UK Phone helpline number: (+44) 01702 523999

All systems go! UK Phone helpline number: (+44) 01702 523999


Scanspeak Ellipticor Range Additions

More Scanspeak Ellipticor units.

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We have added 3 more products to the flagship Ellipticor range:

18WE/8542T00  8 ohm 6½ inch Midwoofer

21WE/4542T00  4 ohm 8 inch Midwoofer

21WE/8542T00  8 ohm 8 inch Midwoofer

Scanspeak Ellipticor info:

Traditional (round) drive units are relatively easy to produce but come with many inherent issues such as ringing (bell modes), break up, high Q peaks and poor edge termination. To counter these problems Scanspeak started the Ellipse project under the guidance of the late great designer Birger Jørgensen, sadly Birger passed away before seeing the completed drive units. The Ellipse project was completed and brought to production by Dennis Hansen and Simon Møller Nielsen under the trade name 'Ellipticor'.

The design aim of the elliptical motor system is to break any symmetry within the voice coil former and provide the cone with a non symmetrical driving force so that bell modes and other distortions cannot propagate. Machining and building the elliptical parts for the motor system provided many R&D and engineering challenges that Scanspeak have overcome with custom built tooling and new assembly techniques.

The Ellipticor drive units are ground breaking products that are extremely well behaved, broad banded and truly represent the state of the art. You can read custom loudspeaker design supremo Troels Gravesens comments on the Ellipticor units here.

To view the complete Ellipticor range click the image below:

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