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New products: Heil Air Motion Transformer Tweeters

New products: Heil Air Motion Transformer Tweeters.


Air motion transformers (AMT) are a unique type of high-end ribbon tweeter which were developed by German physicist Oskar Heil during his research into the characteristics of the human ear.

Although AMTs are members of the ribbon family, they have a radically different mode of operation: these tweeters feature a specially pleated Kapton / aluminium diaphragm that has no forward / aft motion, instead it expands and contracts along its length like a bellows, transforming an electrical signal into air waves and can therefore technically be viewed as a type of sound modulated air pump. The folding of the AMT diaphragm offers a surprisingly large radiating area in the minimum of space; a 25mm wide AMT diaphragm has a similar active radiating area to an 8 inch drive unit.

AMT tweeters have a highly dynamic sound with an excellent transient response, very high efficiency and low harmonic distortion.

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AIRMT-30 TweeterAIRMT-85 Tweeter

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