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Audax HD-3P tweeter replacement kit

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The  Audax HD-3P  tweeter was a piece of exotic, visionary engineering from the 1990s. Fundamentally a piezo tweeter, it featured a gold spattered elliptical diaphragm formed onto a nitrogen filled balloon. Technically and sonically brilliant but fatally flawed due to gas loss and barometric pressure changes; many are now defunct with low / no output or exhibit the 'crinkle of doom'.

This unique, state of the art tweeter was used in various high end loudspeakers including the World Audio Design KLS3, KLS10, Heybrook Duet and Heybrook Octet.

We offer a replacement kit for the HD-3P featuring a matched pair of the excellent Scanspeak D2905/950000  tweeters with custom built crossovers - our crossovers are modelled with LspCAD 6 Pro / Audiomatica Clio and built to the specific application.

Full details of the kit can be found here :    Audax HD-3P replacement kit

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