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Linn Keilidh Tweeter Upgrade Kit

Tweeter upgrade kits for the Linn Keilidh.

These tweeter kits significantly upgrade the far eastern sourced Linn tweeters type 015/1, 015/3, 015/5 and 038/2 (very early 'mesh' type and all 3 bar ceramic versions). Our Hiquphon upgrade tweeters are fastidiously hand produced in Denmark exclusively for us by tweeter supremo and former long time Scanspeak technical manager Oskar Wrønding.

Oskar's tweeters are designed and built to the highest exacting standards and take the performance of the popular Linn Keilidh to new levels of detail and transparency. Simple direct fit - no cabinet modifications required.

Each pair of tweeters are matched to 0.5db and supplied with individual response graphs.

We offer 3 versions of this kit:

  • Passive
  • Passive + capacitors upgrade
  • Active

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Hiquphon OW1-92

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