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More Monacor Drive Units

Monacor Range Extended:

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We have increased our stocked range of Monacor drive units. These carefully chosen speakers offer an excellent price to performance ratio and cover a wide range of replacement and general purpose requirements. For full details of the individual units please click on the images or underlined titles.

Monacor SPH-165KEP:

Monacor SPH-165KEP

Like it's smaller brother (the excellent SPH-135KEP), this drive unit features a Kevlar cone, an alloy phase plug & a rigid die-cast basket. The frequency response is very smooth and extended; it makes an ideal replacement for many B&W 6½" bass units.

Monacor SPH-165CP:

Monacor SPH-165CP

Another cracking drive unit from Monacor, the SPH-165CP is essentially a scaled up version of the SPH-135C. Featuring a woven carbon fibre cone, fully vented alloy chassis and huge magnet, this long throw woofer is capable of very good bass extension in smaller enclosures; a true output to 30Hz can be realised from cabinets of just 18 litres.

Monacor SPH-6M:

Monacor SPH-6M

This long throw mid woofer has a standard 180mm / 6½" circular chassis and is a good replacement for many main stream drive units. Features include a damped polypropylene cone, high air flow chassis and large magnet with vented pole piece. The performance and build quality are both very high and represent good value at this price point. This unit is available in 2 other sizes: the 5 inch SPH-5M and the larger 8 inch SPH-8M.

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