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Audyn CAP ELKO RAUH Bipolar Electrolytic Capacitors

Audyn CAP ELKO RAUH (rough foil) bipolar electrolytic capacitors.

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The Audyn ELKO RAUH range of capacitors are well priced, good quality and are ideal for building or restoring loudspeaker crossover networks. Good value general replacements for old Alcap / Elcap and Bennic electrolytics. Featuring chemically etched / roughened axially wound foils, the ELKO RAUH range offer large capacitance values in relatively small case sizes.

Technical data: tolerance: +/-10%; loss angle tan: 0.12 (1kHz; 20°C).

Voltage rating: 1.5uf - 560uf (exc. 390uf) = 100V; 390uf, 680uf -1200uf = 63V.

Large range in UK stock including many high values upto 1200uf.

As with all products from Audyn (Germany) the value, build quality and sound are excellent at this price point.


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