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VIABLUE High End Connectors

VIABLUE High End Connectors.


We are very pleased to work with our new partner VIABLUE™, Germany and bring their top level high-end connectors and accessories direct to the UK.

Company info:

Based in Malsch, VIABLUE™ have been successfully trading for nearly 20 years making high end cables and connectors. All VIABLUE products are based around 3 main criteria: Quality, Functionality and Design. The machining and finish of their products is of the highest standard and only the finest materials are used.

Outstanding quality:

Every VIABLUE™ product is the result of a long and thorough development process combined with a lot of passion for detail. After initial drawings and sketches, 3D-models and prototypes are built. These then undergo several testing cycles in order to ensure the highest demands in regard to functionality, quality and design.

All items in stock for immediate dispatch.