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Fountek Neopro10i

Fountek NeoPro10i Ribbon Tweeter

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The Fountek NeoPro10i is a 4th generation high power, high efficiency (102dB) large format true ribbon tweeter featuring a 255mm / 10 inch ribbon and a very powerful neodymium magnet system. The NeoPro10i has a very broad, low distortion frequency response of between 700 Hz - 40 Khz. The ribbon material is an ultra light (14mg) multilayer aluminium sandwich with a cross section of 0.015mm (approx 0.6 thou).

The end tensioning clamps form a substantial heatsink for the low impedance ribbon and an impedance matching transformer is built into the back of the housing.

We recommend a minimum crossover frequency of 1kHz / 18db octave.

Key Features:

  • Wide extended response 700 Hz - 40kHz
  • Large ultra lightweight ribbon
  • Neodymium magnet system
  • Built in transformer
  • Low distortion
  • Excellent transients
  • Alloy body / faceplate
  • High efficiency design

Basic parameters:

Frequency range 700Hz-40kHz Nominal impedance (Zn) 9 Ω
Ribbon dimensions 255x14mm DC resistance (Ribbon) 0.02 Ω
Effective area (squared) 3570mm RMS power handling 80 W
Crossover frequency 1kHz/18db Peak power 160W
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 102dB Faceplate (rectangular) 330x90mm