All systems go !

All systems go !


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Mission 753 Crossover Rebuild

Crossover rebuild / upgrade service for Mission 753.



The Mission 753 crossover features general purpose polarised electrolytic capacitors wired back to back (in series) as a cost and size cutting exercise.

Featuring point to point wiring and a wealth of hot melt adhesive, the crossover build quality is typical of the era - it is quite tricky to work on for beginners as it is in the form of a split section PCB sandwich connected by brass bus bars.

Our upgrade includes various changes and modifications that take these speakers to a new level of performance - please see the reviews.

  • Service is carried out in our fully equipped workshop
  • All capacitors replaced with high grade components
  • Components matched using our precision LCR bridge
  • Retagged and supplied with a high quality colour coded loom
  • Simple to reconnect - supplied with screw terminals
  • All crossover variants covered including Freedom models

How does this work ?

Purchasing this service generates a unique job number - you will receive an email with instructions of how to send the crossovers and our workshop address.

Our service turnaround time averages 5-7 working days.

Any questions or other models ? contact us

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I am very impressed with the performance improvement of these new crossovers and replacement tweeters that are now in my Mission 753's, a great improvement on the originals, a pair of speakers I've had from new. Thank You.😊

Thanks for the review Colin !

Will & Caroline

Michael vinsun
Great upgrade

I came across this upgrade for my mission speakers I had from new in 1990.The sound improvement was immediate and gives a superb bass response and improved overall sound to what was already a great loudspeaker.Fitting was easy.I now plan to buy the tweeter upgrade for the loudspeakers.
A great upgrade,remarkable.

Thankyou for your review Michael !
Will & Caroline

Éamon Wall
Mission 753 crossover rebuild

I availed of the Mission 753 crossover rebuild from Willys-HiFi some months back and am very pleased with the results. I can echo the positive comments made by Gordon Barlow in his August 29/22 review of the Mission 753 crossover rebuild from Willys. There is Improved sound all around: much crisper treble and a huge increase in mid and low range clarity.

My Mission 753s now sound much better than they did when I purchased them second-hand about 2 years ago. This is not just a crossover rebuild, but a very discernable upgrade. The supplied wiring loom made reinstallation of the crossovers very straight forward.

I now have the 753s hooked up to my Yamaha A-S2200 amp and they sound terrific. My 753s now punch well above their price point (approx €1,800 adjusted for inflation since they were first purchased back in 1997! 😊).

I am more than happy to endorse this crossover upgrade and the excellent work from Willys HiFi Ltd.

5 star work and service *****

Thankyou for your review Éamon !
Will & Caroline

Gordon Barlow
Mission 753 crossover & tweeter rebuild

A very big thank you for the excellent service on my Mission 753 crossover and tweeter rebuilds. I now have my 753’s back together and sounding better than they ever have, much crisper treble and a huge increase in mid and low range clarity. In my opinion they are far better than original, which I had the pleasure of hearing in the demonstration room at Mission Electronics when I was employed there when the 753's were being introduced. The wiring loom made replacement so easy and the tweeters look better than original as the domes are now a perfect match with the woofers.
I now look forward to many more years of happy listening and would recommend Willys Hi-Fi without hesitation.
Long live the 753's and Willys Hi-Fi!

Thankyou for your review !
Will & Caroline

Robert Edmead
Good old fashioned customer service

Have used this company a few times over last couple of years and every time they do not disappoint.

Good products great service and so helpful and polite.

Kind regards

Robert (Excell Audio Services)

Always a pleasure doing business with you Robert.

Kind regards,

Will & Caroline