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Morel Integra 624

Morel Integra 624 Hybrid Coaxial Speaker

Morel Integra 624 Hybrid Coaxial Speaker.

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2 way time aligned coaxial speaker featuring a 160mm (6") composite paper cone woofer and a 28mm (1.1") Acuflex treated soft dome tweeter. Hybrid mixed magnet system comprising Neodymium / Ferrite elements. Uniflow Aluminium diecast chassis for undisturbed airflow.

A culmination of various Morel innovations matched and combined resulting in a high performance single point source drive unit.

Also available: Morel Integra 424 (4") , Morel Integra 524 (5").

Key Features:

    • 2.1" Large Hexatech™ Aluminum voice coil (woofer)
    • High flux Hybrid™ mixed Neodymium / Ferrite magnet
    • 28mm tweeter hand treated with Acuflex
    • Time aligned configuration
    • Uniflow™ diecast chassis
    • High power handling

    Basic parameters (woofer):

    Resonant frequency (fs) 58 Hz Nominal impedance (Zn) 4 Ω
    Mechanical  Q factor (Qms) 1.84 DC resistance (Re) 3..68 Ω
    Electrical Q factor (Qes) 0.43 Peak power handling 500W
    Total Q factor (Qts) 0.35 Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 90.3dB
    Equivalent volume (Vas) 15.35 L Chassis diameter 160.2 mm

    Here's the full datasheet:

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