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UW 1258 Woofer

Morel UW 1258 Subwoofer

Ultimate 12" Subwoofer -5.1" Voicecoil, 8Ω.

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The Morel UW 1258 is a dedicated 12" very high power, long throw bass speaker from the Ultimate Subwoofer range. This rugged drive unit features the Morel Uniflow™ Aluminium diecast chassis, a high flux double Ferrite magnet and a huge 5.1" / 130mm voice coil assembly wound with Hexatech Aluminium wire. The Accucenter™ self centering pulp fibre cone/cap is a one piece assembly offering high rigidity and excellent internal damping.

This drive unit features PFS™ Progression Field Symmetry: under extreme conditions, the spider and surround are engineered to act as progressive shock absorbers, preventing voice coil displacement and bottoming out - this improves voice coil linearity and maximum excursion.

The pole piece is vented (very large) for minimal compression under heavy drive conditions and power handling is very high at 800W nominal, 3000W short term peak. A full datasheet can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

Key Features:

    • Uniflow™ Aluminum diecast chassis
    • High flux double Ferrite magnet system
    • 5.1" Large Hexatech™ Aluminum voice coil
    • One piece paper cone/center dome
    • Accucenter™ self centering cone assembly
    • PFS™ Progression Field Symmetry suspension
    • Massive power: 800w nominal, 3000w peak.

    Basic parameters:

    Resonant frequency (fs) 21 Hz Nominal impedance (Zn) 8 Ω
    Mechanical  Q factor (Qms) 1.88 DC resistance (Re) 6.8 Ω
    Electrical Q factor (Qes) 0.56 RMS power handling 800W
    Total Q factor (Qts) 0.43 Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 87 dB
    Equivalent volume (Vas) 138.38 L Chassis diameter 305 mm


    Here's the full datasheet:

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