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Scanspeak 12M/4631G00 Midrange - Revelator Series

Scanspeak 12M/4631G00 Revelator midrange drive unit with unique sliced / damped paper cone.

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This no compromise 12cm high end drive unit offers superlative midrange reproduction with outstanding detail; the critical band of between 1-6Khz is held within 2dB limits.

The paper cone is precision sliced then re-bonded with damping glue; this unique procedure gives a very high level of internal damping and control that is not normally obtainable with a standard type cone.

 Key Features:

    • Sliced / Damped Cone (Controls Cone Breakups)
    • Excellent Midrange reproduction
    • Low-loss linear suspension
    • Compact Neodymium Magnet System
    • High efficiency 89dB @ 2.83V

    Basic parameters:

    Resonant frequency (fs) 75 Hz Nominal impedance (Zn) 4 Ω
    Mechanical  Q factor (Qms) 5.57 DC resistance (Re) 3.2 Ω
    Electrical Q factor (Qes) 0.35 RMS power handling 40 W
    Total Q factor (Qts) 0.33 Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 89 dB
    Equivalent volume (Vas) 2.3L Chassis diameter 115.5 mm

    Here's the full datasheet:

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