Scanspeak Revelator 32W/8878T01 Subwoofer


Revelator 12.5 inch / 32cm 8 ohm Subwoofer. Top of the range.

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Scanspeak have produced some powerful woofers over the years - however this new 8 ohm drive unit sets a new bar.

The 32W/8878T01 Revelator is the most powerful 8 ohm sub bass speaker ever manufactured by Scanspeak and features a large 3” voice coil, a huge maximum excursion / throw of 56mm and a low resonance frequency of just 19.1 Hz. This subwoofer reproduces the deepest fundamental bass with ease & accuracy. Capable of very high SPLs without compromising musicality.

The patented foam filled paper-sandwich cone has a very high stiffness to weight ratio and copper Faraday sleeves control eddy currents within the motor. Rugged heavy duty alloy chassis.

This is a superb and hugely powerful subwoofer, perfect for the ultimate in-car and domestic sub bass designs.

Also available in 4 ohms :  32W/4878T00

Key Features:

  • Paper sandwich cone with Patented foam filling
  • 3” Voice coil wound on Titanium former 
  • Rugged die cast aluminium chassis
  • Huge maximum excursion (+/-28 mm)
  • Spider with balanced woven in tinsel leads

Basic parameters:

Resonant frequency (fs) 19.1 Hz Nominal impedance (Zn) 8 Ω
Mechanical  Q factor (Qms) 5.69 DC resistance (Re) 6.1 Ω
Electrical Q factor (Qes) 0.35 RMS power handling 350 W
Total Q factor (Qts) 0.33 Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 89 dB
Equivalent volume (Vas) 234L Chassis diameter 320 mm

Here's the full datasheet:

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Priced as singles, including VAT.

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