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VIABLUE T6S Binding Posts

VIABLUE T6S Binding Posts, 2 pack.


High-end connectors:

  • Large surface area for minimal resistance and loss.
  • Heavy 24 carat real gold-plated contacts and fixings.
  • Precision machined aluminium body with satin black finish.
  • 2 VIABLUE ™ isolation discs for insulation and sealing.
  • Accepts banana plugs, spades and bare wires.
  • Top quality product from VIABLUE, Germany.

Additional features:

  • Anti vibration washers for secure mounting.
  • Extra-long M8 fine thread shaft for thick cabinets.
  • Plenty of space for connection terminals and other options such as ring tags.
  • Large solder bucket for thick cables.

Assembly instructions:

Stripped cable ends are soldered to the end bucket; the threaded portion can be  completely removed from the housing.

  • Body diameter: 15.6 mm.
  • Body length: 31.8 mm.
  • Insulation disc diameter: 18mm.
  • Thread length: 32mm.
  • Overall length: 69mm.
  • Panel fixing hole:11.8-12.2 mm.
  • Maximum solderable core size: 5mm.

Viablue silver solder in stock.

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