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Peerless D26NC-56-06 Tweeter

Replaces Vifa D26NC-55-06 / D26NC-15-06

ATC SCM12, SCM7a (early), SCM35, SCM25a, Hafler TRM6, Royd RR2, Royd RR3. This is the long awaiting replacement for the highly respected D26NC15-06 and D26NC55-06.

Perfect replacement, no modifications required. A downloadable datasheet is available from this page.

In UK stock for immediate disptach. Price includes VAT.

We recommend changing in pairs to maintain channel balance as older versions often have reduced output due to ferrofluid thickening.

Key Features:

  • Specially treated pure silk dome
  • Neodymium magnet assembly
  • Heatsink for high power handling
  • Ferrofluid cooled voice coil
  • Wide and smooth response
  • Perfect replacement for 15-06 & 55-06 variants

Basic parameters:

Resonant frequency (fs) 1625 Hz Nominal impedance (Zn) 6 Ω
Effective diaphragm diameter 26 mm DC resistance (Re) 4.68 Ω
Ferrofluid ? Y/N Yes RMS power handling 100 W
Recommended crossover 2.5 kHz 18dB Faceplate diameter (cropped profile) 70 mm
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 89.3 dB Cutout hole diameter 45 mm

Here's the full datasheet:

.pdf icon

Priced as singles including VAT.

Peerless by Tymphany

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