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Mundorf Ecap AC Capacitors - New Values Available

Unique values for vintage loudspeakers.

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We have extended our range of Mundorf Ecap AC capacitors and now stock various previously unavailable values. These have been chosen specifically as replacements for old dried up Elcap / Alcap capacitors as found in a huge number of vintage loudspeakers. The majority of these new capacitors are smooth foil low loss types offering a significant upgrade over the original components.

New values include: 2uf, 3uf, 4uf, 5uf, 6uf, 7uf, 7.5uf, 8uf, 16uf, 18uf, 20uf, 24uf, 25uf, 120uf, 125uf.

View the entire range here: Mundorf Ecap AC.

Mundorf Ecap AC Capacitor

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