All systems go! UK Phone helpline number: (+44) 01702 523999

All systems go! UK Phone helpline number: (+44) 01702 523999


Peerless D19TD-05-08 and D26NC-56-06 In UK Stock

Classic Vifa / Peerless tweeters back in UK stock!

We have listened to your requests and now have high stock levels of the following classic tweeters:

Peerless D26NC-56-06:

Vifa Peerless D26NC-56-06

Suits: ATC SCM12, SCM7a (early), SCM35, SCM25a, Hafler TRM6, Royd RR2, Royd RR3, Miller & Kreisel (various models). This is the long awaited replacement for the highly respected D26NC15-06 and D26NC55-06.

Perfect replacement, no modifications required.

Peerless D19TD-05-08:


The D19TD-05-08 is possibly the most popular 19mm soft dome of all time. Found in a huge amount of respected and award winning models from manufacturers such as Mission, Rogers, Heybrook, JPW AP2 and AP3, Monitor Audio and countless others, this relatively inexpensive tweeter is a very capable performer hence its long term popularity from the 1980s onwards. Directly replaces SEAS 19TFF1 / H0737-08; also a fine replacement for the Celestion HF2000 & HF2001 found in various Ditton models.

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